Lynn, 30 years old

Name (or alias): Lynn

Gender: Female

Age at Diagnosis:  38

Current Age: 39

Type of Cancer: Breast

Cancer Treatment Received: Chemotherapy, Surgery and Radiation

Relationship Status at Diagnosis: Single

Current Relationship Status:    Single

Were you a parent at time of diagnosis?: No

Fertility preservation and fertility support services are important to me

because: It’s been one of my life long dreams to have a family, so
fertility preservation and fertility support helps me keep this dream

At time of diagnosis, did you know that cancer treatment could affect
your fertility?: At the time of my diagnosis, I did not realize that
cancer treatment could affect my fertility.

Do you feel you received adequate information and/or support regarding
fertility risks associated with cancer treatment and fertility
preservation upon your diagnosis? Why or why not?: I received a binder
with some pamphlets that covered fertility preservation, along with a book that mentioned fertility risks which I did not have the time to read.  It would have been great if a medical specialist went over these
issues with me upon the diagnosis.

If you were not already aware, how did you feel after learning about the
possibility of cancer-related infertility?: I learned about the possibility of cancer-related infertility after talking to my friends who are cancer survivors and I felt sad about it, but I became hopeful

Briefly describe your life prior to your diagnosis (work, education,
family, location): Before my diagnosis, I was working part-time as a
Program Manager at a non-profit organization and focused on internet marketing part-time as well.

Did your diagnosis change your life or alter your plans for the future?:
My diagnosis taught me to slow down, but to continue to pursue my dreams.

How did your diagnosis impact your desires to become a parent in the
future?: My cancer diagnosis makes my desire to become a parent in the
future even stronger!

If you did undergo fertility preservation, please briefly describe your
experience.: I went to the Fertility Clinic on January 12, 2012 and I had to decide on the spot to start and pursue fertility preservation.  My experience of egg retrieval for harvesting of my eggs took about 2 weeks. It involved going to the clinic daily for blood work and ultrasounds, in addition to daily self injections of medications to support the IVF cycle.
Have you become a parent post cancer treatment?: No

What advice would you give newly diagnosed cancer patients who are facing
the possibility of infertility?: I would recommend to any newly diagnosed cancer patient faced with the possibility of infertility to make a plan of action and take charge of their life.  Anything is possible in this
world, you just have to believe!

If you would like to add any additional information please do so here: I plan to create my own support group called “A Family Life” to keep the possibility of having a family for myself and others alive.

How did you hear about Fertile Future?: I read about Fertile Future in a
pamphlet given to myself from the hospital.