Liz Ellwood


Liz Ellwood is a cancer survivor and the Founder of Fertile Future. She decided to start Fertile Future after discovering firsthand the lack of information available to young adults being diagnosed with cancer, as well as a low level of awareness of fertility preservation options amongst the medical oncology community. Liz is very passionate about educating fellow patients and oncology professionals on this topic, and is a member of the Canadian Task Force on Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer’s Oncofertility Working Group.

She developed Fertile Future to act as a medium to provide up-to-date information and financial assistance to cancer patients wishing to pursue fertility preservation treatment to increase quality of life after cancer. She created and implemented the framework of Fertile Future’s Power of Hope Financial Assistance Program which has helped almost 350 cancer patents preserve their fertility to date.

Liz has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communications, a post-graduate certificate in Interactive Multimedia and a professional background in marketing communications.

Liz is also the incredibly grateful mother of a beautiful daughter born in 2011 who would not be here without the many miracles of modern medicine.