Why Support Fertile Future?

As cancer diagnostic procedures, research, and treatments evolve, so do the goals of young cancer survivors. Fertile Future represents the growing population of young Canadian cancer survivors who wish to preserve their fertility, and look at life beyond cancer. We help these individuals have the fullest life possible by subsidizing a portion of fertility preservation costs, providing a toll-free number, website, written and online resources as well as connections to fertility centres that specialize in oncofertility.

As a registered charitable organization, Fertile Future is 100% funded by donations made towards our cause. These donations allow us to continue to develop resources and programs to help patients deal with cancer-related fertility issues. Please donate by using the previous form, a secure online giving tool that makes donating easy.


Grassroots Fundraising

Grassroots Fundraising is a strategy for raising funds either for an individual or organization which achieves its financial goals through several small donations from many normal people. For Fertile Future, grassroots fundraising is different from large fundraising events and corporate donations because the latter usually relies on a larger output of funds from the organization (i.e. it takes money to make money!). Grassroots fundraising, by contrast, is typically community driven and often allows individuals more independence, creativity, and dynamism that the organization itself wouldn’t necessarily be able to engage in.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of organizing this type of event with this handy Fundraising Toolkit so that you can host a fundraiser of your own!

Thank you for considering Fertile Future as one of your chosen charities