A cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming, as there are important decisions to make and things to consider. We understand what you may be feeling and are gathering a variety of resources to help you through this difficult time. If you are a young Canadian under the age of 40 and you have been diagnosed with cancer, protecting your fertility may be an important consideration in your treatment. Survival rates are at an all time high of 80% for many cancers. This is good news. We have learned that knowing your fertility preservation options and making choices based on reliable and timely information is empowering for yourself and your family. It can be a way of taking control of a situation that can often feel out of control.

Arm yourself with information, ask questions, connect with others who have been through it and share your experience. Embrace your inner researcher and get informed. We aim to help inform medical practioners, patients and their loved ones about making informed decisions that suit them. If you have questions or need more help, please contact one of our navigators at 1.800.HOPE.066.

Fertile Future is pleased to offer a number of growing programs to patients, their friends and families as well as medical professionals.

Patient Programs

Power of Hope Cost Reduction Program
Fertility Preservation Centres
Patient Education
Survivor Stories
Ottawa Onco-Fertility Pilot Project
Power of Hope Ambassador Program

Contact us toll-free 1-877-HOPE-066 (1-877-4673-066)

Our bilingual informational brochures are shipped at no cost to patients and treatment centres across Canada. They can be ordered by filling out our online order form or by calling 1-877-HOPE-066.