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JenniferBerriganThe heart of Jenn Berrigan was enormous. Her spirit of giving and helping others was an inspiration to us all and with the Jenn Berrigan Memorial Fund, we hope to reward a deserving recipient that embodies her spirit of giving, helping others and loving everyone and doing so equally.

Jennifer came to Fertile Future as a client with cervical cancer with an impending full hysterectomy. As she became more involved in the fertilization preservation process, she embraced the situation, became an advocate and eventually a public speaker for Fertile Future. Jenn spread her positive outlook though public engagements and gave hope to others going through the process and created awareness, visibility and exposure for Fertile Future and the hard work being done here. She was loved dearly for this. Sadly, she succumbed to the cancer and thus her legacy of helping others was essential to be preserved.

The Jenn Berrigan Memorial Fund allows Jenn Berrigan’s spirit of love, generosity and caring to continue on after her passing and to help a female that is going through similar hard times as she did. As a potential recipient of this fund, we are looking for you to show us these same qualities, to personify the beauty and spirit that was Jenn and show it. Nominations are also accepted. We will look at these on a case by case basis and award a well deserving recipient a monetary donation to help offset the costs of fertility treatments in Jenn’s name.

To apply or nominate, please submit your essay to info@fertilefuture.ca
To qualify, nominees must be female, have been a Power of Hope recipient in the year preceding the nomination. In order to share success stories with others in a similar situation, your story may be shared on the website; if you wish your identity to remain anonymous, please indicate this in your essay.

Submission period is from January to March of each year.

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